[peruser] Peruser patch (v14)

Marcelo Coelho marcelo at tpn.com.br
Thu Jan 13 14:32:07 MST 2011


Peruser patch (v14)

Patch from RC2:

Full patch from vanilla Apache 2.2.17:

Changes (from RC2):

* (v14) Bug fix: multiplexer segfault when passing big requests to processors (URI with ~8192 bytes and big Referer header)
* (v14) Performance: faster idle server maintenance
* (v14) Clean-up: removed .orig files
* (v13) Code more "APR-ized"
* (v13) Bug fix: apachectl graceful works, even under high load.
* (v12) Not released to public
* (v11) Not released to public
* (v10) Bug fixed: fixed some segfaults
* (v10) Bug fixed: work around to a flaw in apr-util (as PR 43857)
* (v9) Not released to public
* (v8) Bug fixed: apachectl graceful now is more stable, like RC2 version
* (v8) Bug fixed: fixed some segfaults (thank you Dave Steinberg for sending your core dumps)
* (v8) Bug fixed: server dies with infinite loop script, reported by Taavi Sannik
* (v8) Bug fixed: "long lost child" error, reported by Taavi Sannik
* (v8) Performance: update_all_counters() rewritten without malloc() and free()
* (v7) Bug fixed: multiplexers now can clone a processor child if all workers are busy.
* (v6) Bug fixed: apachectl graceful now working properly, without "long lost child" errors
* (v5) Not released to public
* (v4) Code cleanup
* (v4) Performance: childs are started in ~25ms, 40 times faster than in RC2 (~1000ms)
* (v4) Bug fixed: now checking if total_processors is 1 (first access) to start StartProcessors
* (v3) Performance: new child type (CHILD_TYPE_RESERVED) to avoid collision (2 childs trying to get the same free slot)
* (v3) Bug fixed: fixed a bug in RC2, wait_timeout was always 0, never sleeping to wait for new workers.
* (v2) Performance: StartProcessors, new configuration directive to control the number of child processors per vhost at startup
* (v2) Performance: childs are started in ~50ms, 20 times faster than in RC2 (~1000ms)
* (v1) Performance: faster to lookup for free slots (this is important on busy servers, with many virtual hosts)
* (v1) Performance: faster to count processors, one single loop counts all processors
* (v1) Bug fixed: bug when MinSpareProcessors is set to 0 (now all workers processes are killed when idle_timeout is reached)
* (v1) Bug fixed: Free-up slots when a WORKER or PROCESSOR unexpectedly dies


Marcelo Coelho
marcelo at mco2.com.br

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