[peruser] Peruser patch (v13) - PAM

bert at ev6.net bert at ev6.net
Wed Jan 12 13:28:57 MST 2011

On 12 Jan 2011, at 20:23, Marcelo Coelho wrote:

> Hello!
> Patch from RC2:
> http://opensource.mco2.net/download/apache/peruser/peruser-rc2-to-rc3-v13.patch
> Full patch from vanilla Apache 2.2.17:
> http://opensource.mco2.net/download/apache/peruser/peruser-rc3-full-v13.patch


Would it be possible to also integrate the PAM patch (i believe it was posted to this list some time ago, but i can send it again if necessary)...
It basically uses pam_limits to restrict the level of system resources that code running in virtual hosts can consume.
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