[peruser] PHP opcode caching and chroot

Cronfy cronfy at sprinthost.ru
Tue Jan 11 11:55:42 MST 2011


> Also say you have two users who have installed WordPress, you end up with:
> /home/user1/public_html/wp-config.php
> /home/user2/public_html/wp-config.php
> but Eaccelerator (and xcache, APC) only see this:
> /public_html/wp-config.php
> as the file path. Do we know if it is serving the correct file when a request comes in from user1 or user2 or whether it thinks they are the same file because of the chroot path? I'm just wondering if anyone has come across this before with peruser + chroot and knows whether these tools are working correctly despite the chroot? Or whether there is a way to feed the full path to these opcode caching tools while using peruser + chroot.

Not sure if it will help, but you may try to add site name to the path 
to make it different:


Anyway, I agree with Hannes:

> In fact, it would be a security risk of one environment could access
the cached PHP files of another environment

And access to shared memory between different users should be thoroughly 

// cronfy

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