[peruser] PHP opcode caching and chroot

Andrew andyukguy at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 08:14:02 MST 2011


Does anyone have any experience of running peruser + chroot with PHP opcode caching software (e.g. eaccelerator, xcache, APC)?

As you'd expect none of these caching systems are able to see the full path of the files they are trying to cache when peruser has chroot enabled. This causes them not to function.

If we chroot as such with peruser:

Chroot /home/username

they opcode caching systems only see PHP files as having the path:


Which causes problems in a multi-user system.

All of the opcode caching systems are compiled as PHP modules. Are there any work arounds? Has anyone successfully modified one of the big three caching systems to work with peruser and it's chroot system?



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