[peruser] Peruser patch (v8)

Dave Steinberg dave-peruser at redterror.net
Fri Jan 7 14:53:44 MST 2011

On 1/7/2011 4:31 PM, Marcelo Coelho wrote:
> Hello!
> Many changes. Here it is a new patch (v8).
> Patch from RC2:
> http://opensource.mco2.net/download/apache/peruser/peruser-rc2-to-rc3-v8.patch
> Full patch from vanilla Apache 2.2.17:
> http://opensource.mco2.net/download/apache/peruser/peruser-rc3-full-v8.patch
> Changes (from RC2):
> * (v8) Bug fixed: apachectl graceful now is more stable, like RC2 version
> * (v8) Bug fixed: fixed some segfaults (thank you Dave Steinberg for sending your core dumps)
> * (v8) Bug fixed: server dies with infinite loop script, reported by Taavi Sannik
> * (v8) Bug fixed: "long lost child" error, reported by Taavi Sannik
> * (v8) Performance: update_all_counters() rewritten without malloc() and free()

Hi Marcelo - nice work with this latest round of changes.  I'm not 
seeing any more of the 'long lost child' errors, nor any segfaults.  If 
I spot any, I'll pass along a stack trace as before.  Thanks again!

Dave Steinberg

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