[peruser] Patch for busy servers

Stefan Seufert stefan at seuf.de
Thu Jan 6 03:36:31 MST 2011


> I'm using your configuration without these error messages. Can you help me to reproduce this problem?

Just a theory without having looked at the source code: When the master 
process collects child processes after receiving a SIG_CHILD it frees 
the slots on the global score board which afaik also contains the 
startup time of the process. If the time span between startup and 
collection of a process exceeds a certain threshold than the message is 
printed. Because peruser has some very long running child processes 
(i.e. multiplexers) the warning is printed when these processes exit due 
to the restart.

Someone shoud grep the apache source code for the error message and 
confirm this theory. If its true than it might be sufficient to 
regularly update the time on the score board...

Just mit 2 cents,


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