[peruser] Patch for busy servers

Dave Steinberg dave-peruser at redterror.net
Wed Jan 5 07:45:33 MST 2011

On 1/4/2011 7:40 PM, marcelo at tpn.com.br wrote:
> Hi,
> Please tell me how peruser is configured in your httpd.conf.
>> Hi Marcelo - I'm still seeing the "long lost child came home!" error
>> after a graceful restart.  I'll attempt to debug this further tonight,
>> just wanted to let you know that there may be another bug lurking.

Here is my peruser config section:

   IdleTimeout 600
   ExpireTimeout 1800
   MinSpareProcessors 0
   MaxSpareProcessors 15
   StartProcessors 5
   MinProcessors 0
   MaxProcessors 400
   ServerLimit 3000
   MaxClients 1500
   MaxRequestsPerChild 1000
   MinMultiplexers 25
   MaxMultiplexers 200
   MultiplexerIdleTimeout 600
   ProcessorWaitTimeout 10

In my situation, I don't have to run ab or anything, I just let normal 
traffic flow to the server, and I see the "came home" messages.

The other piece I noticed, immediately after issuing an 'apachectl 
graceful', a bunch of the child processes segfault.  I'm still working 
on getting the cores from these - apache doesn't seem to want to give me 
one despite having specified the coredumpdirectory.

Dave Steinberg

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