[peruser] Patch for busy servers

Marcelo Coelho marcelo at tpn.com.br
Tue Jan 4 09:36:08 MST 2011


I was using RC2 and graceful restart never worked well for me.

I have more than 1,000 vhosts and "apachectl restart" is faster and more stable than "apachectl graceful".

Can someone tell me how to reproduce the "long lost child came home" error?

Marcelo Coelho
marcelo at mco2.com.br

On Jan 4, 2011, at 2:11 PM, Dave Steinberg wrote:

> I'm seeing this as well, with the V3 patch on FreeBSD 7.  I am transitioning to using mpm-peruser still, I have around around 5 server environments, one with ~1000 vhosts (handled by mod_vhost_alias), and ~4 vhosts in their own individual server environments.
> I'm also seeing some segfaults, but I haven't dug in enough yet to see where they're coming from.  Does anybody have any advice on tracking that down?
> PS - Great work on the patches, despite these problems, things appear to be generally working well.
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