[peruser] Peruser 0.4.0 beta 1

Andrew andyukguy at gmail.com
Tue Mar 16 09:02:51 MDT 2010


We are now running the rc1 build, however we have not (and aren't able to
now, the server is in production use) tested out whether the bug reported
was fixed.

I would suggest upgrading to rc1 is a smart move anyway, we've noticed it
performs better than any previous release.


On 16 March 2010 04:48, Nathan Phillip Brink
<ohnobinki at ohnopublishing.net>wrote:

> On Sun, Sep 20, 2009 at 10:46:35PM +0100, Andrew wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > The multiplexer problem occurred when I'd set a Processor with the
> > same user/group as the main Apache user/group. A solution is to simply
> > never set a processor with the same user/group.
> I had this same problem. I didn't notice any segfaults in the
> multiplerxors, but when I had a Processor's user and group match the
> httpd.conf User and Group directives, that processor would very quickly stop
> responding. Thanks for this suggestion to use a different user/group. I
> changed the User and Group directives in httpd.conf to nobody:nobody and now
> everything works snappily :-)
> Andrew, do you know if this particular issue has been fixed in the newer
> releases? (I'm still on 0.4.0b1 and upgrading would be a bit of a hassle,
> but if fixes are promised I'll try it ;-) ). If r61 hasn't fixed this bug
> for you, I don't see how it would help me.
> Is anyone willing to prove that using the same user/group combo for the the
> multiplexor and a Processor works?
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