[peruser] invalid virtualhost for this child

Janno Sannik janno at kood.ee
Tue Nov 17 00:46:33 MST 2009

If you have keep-alive enabled then browser uses one connection for 
multiple requests.
As far as i know RFC states that in one keep-alive connection you can 
make requests to only one domain.
This is also the only way peruser could work with keep-alive, because if 
connection is allready given to some specific processor, then it can't 
serve any other server environment requests.

BUT from time to time browser do make multiple domain queries in same 
keep-alive connection. So this is what this error message is.
The connection is closed to the client and it should be automatically 
triggered in browser to make a new request and it SHOULD be transparent 
to the client.

On 17.11.2009 9:26, Benedikt Böhm wrote:
> (This is a repost from the Forum, noone seems to answer there)
> Hi Folks!
> I've setup peruser 0.4.0 beta1 on a production server now and it works
> pretty well, except from time to time (it seems to happen rather
> randomly) i get the following message in apaches error_log:
> [Mon Nov 02 17:24:10 2009] [warn] invalid virtualhost for this child!
> (kali.xnull.de)
> any idea what's going on here?
> Thanks,
> Bene
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