[peruser] invalid virtualhost for this child

Benedikt Böhm hollow at gentoo.org
Tue Nov 17 00:26:46 MST 2009

(This is a repost from the Forum, noone seems to answer there)

Hi Folks!

I've setup peruser 0.4.0 beta1 on a production server now and it works
pretty well, except from time to time (it seems to happen rather
randomly) i get the following message in apaches error_log:

[Mon Nov 02 17:24:10 2009] [warn] invalid virtualhost for this child!

any idea what's going on here?


Benedikt Böhm                          SMTP/XMPP:     bb at xnull.de
xnull.de                               HTTP:   http://bb.xnull.de
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