[peruser] o.4 fusion release status

Lazy lazy404 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 12:34:46 MST 2009

2009/11/14 Stefan Klingner <stefan.klingner at mephisto23.com>:
> have someone some additional ideas for the 0.4 release? i think we
> should start to integrate it in the different distributions after that
> to get a greater user base. which features do we need to make peruser
> the best of all solutions? i still think it is, but what do you think?
> it would be great to reach 1.0 next year cause it is a psychologic think
> for most admins...


this whould be easy to do and might be usefull

> Lazy schrieb:
>> 2009/11/11 Andrew <andyukguy at gmail.com>:
>>> I'd welcome someone else to package if Taavi is away for 6 months. What new patches are there?
>>> who can help to reach the milestone?
>>> everyone is invited to contribute code!
>>> if necessary, i will apply all patches to the latest release and create a
>>> new one.
>> it whould be good to rebase to 2.2.14 before release to make sure
>> patches will apply cleanly
>> there are my unfinished patches for server-status, and some minor fixes
>> http://www.peruser.org/trac/projects/peruser/discussion/topic/4
>> http://www.peruser.org/trac/projects/peruser/attachment/wiki/PeruserAttachments/peruser_0.4b1_config_server-statusV1.path?format=raw
>> I can finish them if thera aren't any comment's other ideas for it
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