[peruser] PHP file open problem

tolga at sh.com.tr tolga at sh.com.tr
Tue Dec 8 08:09:06 MST 2009

Thanx for reply,
I changed 2 files containing fd_setsize in /usr/include and recompiled php and apache but didn't solve problem.
I found segfaults for vhosts's child process which has fopen() problem

Segfaults appear both (1024,8192 I set) fd_setsize values
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2009/12/7 Tolga <tolga at sh.com.tr>:
> Hello everyone,
> I’m using peruser mpm in one of our web server (~950 vhosts). Our problem is
> some vhost has problems with file operations ( php foopen() file() ).
> Whenever occurred this situation  apache didn’t write anything to access_log
> and anything  appeared on browser
> I modify some limits.conf stuff but it didn’t solve anything. (I doublecheck
> limit status from  /proc/_PID_/limits )

you have to modify FD_SETSIZE in /usr/includes and recompile apache/php
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