[peruser] Testing peruser 0.4rc1 // warns logs //

WebMaster / XTRM Hosting Services webmaster at xtrmhost.com
Wed Dec 2 15:01:57 MST 2009

Hi Lazy!

<is it always  (9)Bad file desc... ?

Yes! Always the same I have a lot...
[Tue Dec 01 12:49:43 2009] [warn] (9)Bad file descriptor:
apr_socket_opt_set: (TCP_NODELAY)

<could you recompile with
<it generates loads of logs so watch out

I try this. What should verify in specific?

<do you have keep-alive enabled ?

I have it on, when I disable the processes they go crazy!!!

This is my httpd.conf
	TimeOut 120
	KeepAlive On
	MaxKeepAliveRequests 0
	KeepAliveTimeout 10
My peruser.conf

	<IfModule peruser.c>
		MinMultiplexers 5
		MaxMultiplexers 20
		ProcessorWaitTimeout 2 10
		ServerLimit 850
		MaxClients 800
		MaxRequestsPerChild 10000
		MinProcessors 10
		MinSpareProcessors 5
		MaxProcessors 100
		IdleTimeout 60
		ExpireTimeout 300

Can you comment some better configuration with or without keepalive? Is it
better to use keepalive or not? Thanks in advance!


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