[peruser] Some suggestions

Lazy lazy404 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 14:50:41 MDT 2009

We are currently using httpd2.0.64 with peruser 0.3 patched with my
patches + some parts of the dc3 + some useful for us extensions to
I'm optimistic that recent freebsd related patches may help us with
server env memory corruption we are sporadically getting.

Configuration incompatibility is a big problem for me. Newer syntax is
better and more flexible i would like to migrate our config to it, but
in the meanwhile I ned compatibility with old Processor and
ServerEnvironment syntax. I think this shuldn't take much to provide
this without any impact on the new features, litle code refactoring
and some smart checks in configuration functions should do the trick.
If it's likely to be accepted in 0.4 I will start working on it.

Second thing is svn repository, wouldn't it be more usefull to have
full httpd source in the repo to ease sending patches that modify
things outside peruser directory
(base patch does this). It should be based on current stable httpd
release (rebasing should be wery simple because there are almost no
files shared with stock httpd).
Now sharing patches is a mundane task, I have to get 2 pristine
sources, patch with 0.3, dc3, dc3-frebsd57 finally make my changes,
diff, remove garbage produced in
source tree during test builds. This vs svn diff makes a difference.

Michal Grzedzicki

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