[peruser] mailing list

Stefan Klingner stefan.klingner at mephisto23.com
Sat Aug 29 17:14:03 MDT 2009

gabriel has written something about that in the forum. :) you still can 
keep updated without making more than a few clicks in the forum by 
subscribing. then you will still receive mail if something have changed.

Ben Kennedy schrieb:
> Sean Gabriel Heacock wrote at 11:25 AM (-0600) on 8/29/09:
>> Now that we have forums set up at peruser.org, we're considering 
>> discontinuing the mailing list.  I've set up a poll on the main page 
>> where you can vote on whether we should keep it or not.
> Since I'm a lurker and not an active participant, my vote is
> inconsequential, but I will voice for the record that I loathe web-based
> "forums" and so I voted (anonymously) in favour of the mailing list. 
> (The mailing list has allowed me to keep an eye on all discussions
> passively.  Web-based message boards require active effort on behalf of
> the participant to stay informed, which most of the time isn't worth the
> effort and overhead, so I always shed a tear for these "kill mailing
> list and replace with web" trends that are happening more and more frequently)
> -b

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