[peruser] Status of peruser and other questions

Ben Kennedy ben at zygoat.ca
Sat Aug 29 13:08:47 MDT 2009

Benedikt Böhm wrote at 9:59 AM (+0200) on 8/28/09:

>persuer MPM has been available in gentoo for years. i have always
>maintained up-to-date peruser patches for gentoo, and the latest ebuilds
>even have a use flag for the dc branch, so what exactly do you mean by
>'keeping up with patches'?

Wow, I apologize for my ignorance all this time!  Somehow I managed to
be completely unaware of this.  There it is, apache2_mpms_peruser...

Thank you Benedikt for your work, and my apologies!

I think I might go rebuild my apache this afternoon...


Ben Kennedy (chief magician)
zygoat creative technical services

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