[peruser] New peruser website and SVN

Sean Gabriel Heacock gabriel at telana.com
Thu Aug 27 17:47:33 MDT 2009

Andrew wrote:
>> Good call! :)  If you want to point the nameservers at ns1.telana.com
>> and ns2.telana.com, I'll set up an account for it.
> Glad everyone likes it! I've changed the nameservers. Let me know if  
> anything else is needed hosting/time/moderation/etc. Coding I'm afraid  
> is the one thing I can't offer as I don't have expertise in that area.

Thanks!  I've set up an account and moved the svn repository and trac
site over to it.  The new Peruser site is at:


Thanks Andrew for registering the domain!

Anyone who's using SVN, make sure to change to the new repository root:


Trac and SVN use the same authentication, and trac has a registration 
feature, so access to the site and code repository is self-service now. 
  Anonymous users can view everything and create and modify tickets, but 
you have to be logged in to create and edit wiki pages.  Taavi, Stefan, 
and I have admin privs and can create other trac admins.

I'm still playing around with the trac features.  I don't see in much in 
the way of file uploads except this "attachments" feature - I attached 
the 0.3.0 patch to the main page.  Maybe we can use that to handle 
distributing binary packages as well.

Sean Gabriel Heacock
Telana Internet Services

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