[peruser] Status of peruser and other questions

Sean Gabriel Heacock gabriel at telana.com
Thu Aug 27 15:36:28 MDT 2009

Stefan Klingner wrote:
> possibly all the smileys in the mails mean, that the maintainer job 
> offer is a joke because i am primarily an sysadmin and no developer, but 
> if not i would do it. :)

Hehe, no, it's not a joke - I haven't been able to spare much attention 
for the project in years.  We need someone who can be around to manage 
patches and make releases, etc.

> in my opinion, google code is not necessary, because setting up revision 
> control, bugtracker and a wiki is quit simple. we should add a project 
> domain, a small website which contains some informations about the 
> current state of the project and which goal we in fact try to reach. 
> additionally to the mailing list a forum would be really usefull.
> i can set this stuff up if i should. if it is not possible on the
> telana server, i can also do this on one of my servers. what do you
> think about that sean?

We've got SVN and Trac going now, so that covers revision control, issue 
tracking, and wiki - I don't think the trac has seen much use yet, but 
it's at:


A forum would be simple enough to set up.  Any recommendations?

> a switch to the apache license is a great idea!

I had to check the code to see what the current license was - I thought 
maybe I did something foolish and picked GPL for an apache module! :) 
It's currently Apache Software License Version 1.1, so we'd just be 
upgrading to the new 2.0 one.

> a 0.4.0 "fusion" release would be a great start for all this changes.


Sean Gabriel Heacock
Telana Internet Services

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