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 Use this line inside the VirtualHost section:


 SetEnv PHPRC /path/to/php_ini


 Caveats: 1. it does not work inside .htaccess 2. if this php.ini does not exist, it will

               not fall back to /etc/php.ini or any other system wide configuration




> Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 14:21:37 -0600
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> Subject: Re: [peruser] php.ini files per user
> Stefan Klingner wrote:
> > have anyone a solution for php.ini files per use? that would be great. 
> > with fastcgi this the config line is something like PHPRC. if peruser 
> > start an instance of apache, it can should also be able to start the php 
> > instance with a special config file.
> It would probably require patching PHP to make it initialize later than 
> it normally does... if it would work at all. I'm currently rebuilding 
> my system, so maybe I'll give it a shot. It would certainly be useful.
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