[peruser] peruser-0.3.0-dc3 under FreeBSD 7.2 amd64 or i386

Marcelo Coelho marcelo at tpn.com.br
Mon Aug 3 12:37:31 MDT 2009


Sorry for my bad English.

I can help testing and debugging.

I've installed in FreeBSD 6.4 and 7.2, apache crashes at startup  
(SEGFAULT). I activated DEBUG, the SEGFAULT is happening at this line:

memcpy(&SENV[NUM_SENV], senv, sizeof(server_env_t));

This code runs without problems in Linuxes, so I believe this is a  
compiller problem or a problem with FreeBSD libraries.

Maybe looking at prefork, metuxmpm and perchild (these mpm's was the  
base source for peruser mpm) and check what works on FreeBSD and what  

Marcelo Coelho

On 03/08/2009, at 15:17, Jille Timmermans wrote:

> Hello Dmitry,
> The peruser patch is created by some other people than me; and I
> unfortunately can't fix it (because of a lack of knowledge in apache- 
> code).
> I am sending your email to the original creators of peruser and the
> dc3-patchset; I hope someone will step up in order to help you.
> -- Jille
> Ps, due to a server crash I have lost a bunch of email; so things sent
> to me last week might not have reached me
> Pps, I have already sent a backtrace to this list; that might start  
> the
> debugging off
> Dmitry Sukhodoyev schreef:
>> hi. apache 2.2.11 with peruser-0.3.0-dc3 installed from
>> /usr/ports/www/apache22-peruser-mpm (submitted by you) under FreeBSD
>> 7.2 amd64 or i386 make segmentation fault at start and i don't found
>> any solution in google for this problem.
>> do you have any solutions for it? i need stable apache with peruser  
>> in
>> FreeBSD 7.2 and above and i can pay for programmer's time. do you  
>> know
>> some programmer, who can fix this?
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