[peruser] Some more questions about the peruser configuration

Taavi Sannik taavi at kood.ee
Mon Apr 20 06:02:54 MDT 2009

Stefan Klingner wrote:
> Is KeepAlive supportet correctly now, or should KeepAlive=off used instead?
> Of course I would prefer KeepAlive=On with a KeepAliveTimeout=1!?

Keepalive should work since peruser 0.3.0. We have it enabled.

> How can I determine usefull values for the MinMultiplexers and
> MaxMultiplexers values which are limiting the multiplexer pool?

The default limits should be enough, if you don't have very high 
traffic. You should check server-status during peak hours to see if all 
multiplexers are in use/spawned - if so then increase it accordingly so 
that you will always have some free multiplexers.

> MaxClients ~ (RAM - size_all_other_processes)/(size_apache_process)

Should be correct - although you must take into account that the process 
memory usage may vary between users if they are running different software.

> Why I have to set Chroot to / like here
> <Processor test>
>  User test
>  Group www
>  Chroot /
> </Processor>

Chroot is broken in dc2 (sorry!), we are working on a fix along with 
other changes (actually chroot fix is quite simple, but I don't have the 
time to compile, test and create a separate patch for this right now). 
Currently I would advise not setting it at all. You should stick with 
the more stable peruser 0.3.0, if you want chroot support.


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