[peruser] Some more questions about the peruser configuration

Stefan Klingner stefan.klingner at mephisto23.com
Thu Apr 2 06:27:51 MDT 2009


one more time I have some questions about peruser with dc2 patch.

Is KeepAlive supportet correctly now, or should KeepAlive=off used instead?
Of course I would prefer KeepAlive=On with a KeepAliveTimeout=1!?

How can I determine usefull values for the MinMultiplexers and
MaxMultiplexers values which are limiting the multiplexer pool?

How can I calculate MaxClients. What do you think about the following

MaxClients ~ (RAM - size_all_other_processes)/(size_apache_process)

metis:~# free -m
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:           373        328         44          0        163         66
-/+ buffers/cache:         98        274
Swap:          400          0        399

So MaxClients ~ 274/12 ~ 22...

Why I have to set Chroot to / like here

<Processor test>
 User test
 Group www
 Chroot /

to get it up? Is the defined DocumentRoot of the VirtualHost used as base
dir? What ever... with this configuration chroot does not work like it
should in my opinion. I should not be able to see system configurations in
an chrooted environment with simple php tools like eXtplorer.

Thanks for your help!


web: http://www.mephisto23.com

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