[peruser] peruser coredump patch

Sean Gabriel Heacock gabriel at telana.com
Thu Feb 14 17:14:42 MST 2008

My apologies for not being very active on the list lately, as usual I
have too many projects going on and no free time...

On Thu, 2008-02-14 at 12:38 +0100, Lazy wrote:
> from my testing i think it crashes when there are no file descriptors left,
> after that the serwer is in unresponsive state

Well that would do it.  Have you tried raising FD_SETSIZE?  On linux
it's defined in /usr/include/linux/posix_types.h and is 1024 by default.
If it's still set that low, raise it to something like 8194 and
recompile apache and peruser.

You can also run "ulimit -n 8192" from apachectl or an init script, but
I believe you can't set a higher limit than is defined by FD_SETSIZE.

I wonder... maybe we can redefine FD_SETSIZE inside mpm.h?  I hate
making changes to core include files like posix_types.h, since it just
gets wiped out next time I upgrade glibc.

Sean Gabriel Heacock
Telana Internet Services

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