[peruser] Keepalive Requests

bert at ev6.net bert at ev6.net
Wed Nov 29 03:16:16 MST 2006


Would it be possible to handle keepalive requests in a way similar to how
mpm-itk does, from the readme:

There is also another minor quirk in mpm-itk, since it doesn't support
forwarding between httpd instances; if you connect to httpd, make a
request and then make a request on the same connection for a different
vhost (this is supported as per the RFCs, as far as I know), mpm-itk
simply shuts down the connection. (This is perfectly legal according to
RFC2616; the web server simply simulates a timeout, and the client is
supposed to just open a new connection and retry the request.) In practice
this should very rarely become a problem, unless you include, say,
graphics from one vhost on the pages of one with a different uid.

Having keepalives turned off causes a significant performance hit when
using a lot of php based apps, for instance a webmail app, where the
browser requests a large number of small images (icons/buttons)...

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