[peruser] RedHat Fixed (At least for now)

Janno Sannik jannoke at hot.ee
Sat Feb 25 01:41:58 MST 2006


It was Independence day yesterday and this morning while a had slight 
hangover and I started to mess with peruser and apache address. 
I could almost remove all the patches from redhat rpm building spec 
script and it would not make a difference.

Now then it hit me:
    Listen 80
line to
and guess what....it worked.
got my ip's going to the apache logs really nice :D
Seems like binding to all interfaces/ip's mess up something. - - [25/Feb/2006:10:19:39 +0200] "GET /phpinfo.php HTTP/1.1" 404 290 - - [25/Feb/2006:10:21:07 +0200] "GET /phpinfo.php HTTP/1.1" 404 290 - - [25/Feb/2006:10:30:23 +0200] "GET /phpinfo.php HTTP/1.1" 
404 290 - - [25/Feb/2006:10:30:50 +0200] "GET /phpinfo.php HTTP/1.1" 
404 290

Don't know of it classifies under solving the problem and bounty offered 
here, but hey... i'm glad it's working at last.

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