[peruser] mod_fastcgi

Rommer rommer at active.by
Fri Apr 28 05:13:11 MDT 2006


Sean Gabriel Heacock wrote:
> This is great - I can't quite get it to work though, even with your
> patch.
> [Fri Apr 28 03:18:55 2006] [debug] fcgid_proc_unix.c(490):
> (111)Connection refused: mod_fcgid: can't connect unix domain
> socket: /var/run/fcgid/sockets/6031.11
> I'm guessing you're not using the chroot feature of peruser.

Yes, I am not using chroot feature.
peruser + mod_fcgid with my patch well works for me.

> I think the chroot is interfering with the shared memory code in fcgid.  I
> certainly had a lot of trouble getting that to work in peruser itself...
> I set up some symlink trickery so the sockets path goes to the same
> directory inside and outside the jail, and hacked the shmem code to use
> it for the shm and mutex paths, but still no luck.  I'm not totally sure
> this is the problem anyway.

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Roman Shishnev,
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