[peruser] mod_fastcgi

haplo at mindstab.net haplo at mindstab.net
Thu Apr 27 10:55:37 MDT 2006

Hey, I use mpm_peruser and I was trying to get ruby on rails to work on my
server.  It works, but it's slow.  It needs mod_fastcgi before it's really
a practical speed.  Unfortunately when I tried this there was a problem. 
Fastcgi creates a socket in /var that has the privileges of the root
apache process so apache:apache.  And all the child processes can't write
or read to it.  I have a little free time and was thinking of taking a
look at the problem again and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

The best thing I can see would be to probably have  per user:group
processor instances of fastcgi, which will probably require hacking on it
instead, non the less I thought I'd ask.

 - Dan Ballard

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