[peruser] peruser and php

Sean Gabriel Heacock gabriel at telana.com
Mon Apr 10 13:13:33 MDT 2006

On Mon, 2006-04-10 at 20:59 +0200, Marc Knaup wrote:
> I'm using peruser for 2 weeks now. I worked around the problem, that the 
> server stops responding to queries for unknown reason by letting it restart 
> every full hour (server is not used very much).

Try adding one or two extra "Multiplexer" lines to your configuration.
We've determined that the multiplexer process can be blocked by sending
a request without a Host: header and keeping the connection open.  This
is a quick and easy hack to run several multiplexers and should
alleviate the problem.  I used to have to restart apache (automatically,
from a monitoring script) about once every day or two, but since I
started running several multiplexer processes, it's only happened once
in the last week (and might be because of a different problem).

The next version of peruser will have a separate configuration directive
to specify how many multiplexers to start.

> But since I use peruser, the PHP script terminates without any error
> message (E_ALL, display_errors = 1). PHP is installed as Apache2
> module. The script works fine via shell (php -q index.php ...) and
> with Apache2 on my own PC (Windows). Today I found a posting in a
> forum I host, that few users experience similar problems on other
> websites on my server: pages using PHP terminate without reason and 
> (if output buffering is disabled) are displayed partially.

Unfortunately I haven't seen anything like this... I'm also running php
5.1.2 with quite a few users, but so far nobody has reported any
problems like that on my server.

Sean Gabriel Heacock
Telana Internet Services

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