[peruser] peruser and php

Marc Knaup marc at icefinch.net
Mon Apr 10 12:59:52 MDT 2006

Hello together.

I'm using peruser for 2 weeks now. I worked around the problem, that the 
server stops responding to queries for unknown reason by letting it restart 
every full hour (server is not used very much).

Now I have a new problem with PHP (5.1.2):
I wrote an XHTML validator, which downloads, validates, parses and 
highlights a web document given by url. Parser and highlighter use more than 
15MB memory (no idea how to code that with less memory usage) and they use 
much CPU for a short time. But since I use peruser, the PHP script 
terminates without any error message (E_ALL, display_errors = 1). PHP is 
installed as Apache2 module. The script works fine via shell (php -q 
index.php ...) and with Apache2 on my own PC (Windows). Today I found a 
posting in a forum I host, that few users experience similar problems on 
other websites on my server: pages using PHP terminate without reason and 
(if output buffering is disabled) are displayed partially.

I hope you can help me,

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