[peruser] Multiple simultaneous connections issues

Nuitari nuitari at melchior.nuitari.net
Sun Apr 2 14:10:08 MDT 2006

>> Hmm,
>> that was what I feared when I looked at peruser the first
>> time. I tried
>> the same thing you describe (two telnets) against Sean's website,
>> telana.com (sorry for that) and was pleased to find it working. I then
>> assumed that peruser is able to handle that situation.
>> Sean, is that a configuration issue? Are you running a
>> different server?
>> Or is that the pound proxy you are using which makes it work for your
>> server?
> Hmm, I tried it with our installations here and can't reproduce that. While
> the first telnet idles i can still use the second connection perfectly.

I've done some tests and it only happens to me if I do not input a Host: 

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