[peruser] Multiple simultaneous connections issues

bert at ev6.net bert at ev6.net
Sun Apr 2 13:10:32 MDT 2006


I currently have a few systems running mpm-peruser on linux, on which i
have encountered a rather strange issue:

If i telnet to port 80 of the webserver with 2 seperate instances of
telnet, and issue an HTTP request on the second copy (leaving the first
connected but idle) the request won't be served until the first connection
has finished (by disconnecting or issuing a request itself). When this
happens, only the first connection is showing up in netstat on the server
(although the clients believe they're both connected)

By leaving a connection sitting idle to the apache server, you could
effectively denial of service the site.

This issue manifests itself with Apache 2.0.55 and mpm-peruser 0.2.0 on
gentoo linux (custom compiled, not using gentoo ebuilds) and earlier

The systems "mastermind.ev6.net" and "tardis.ev6.net" are two of my test
systems which are afflicted by this bug, incase anyone wishes to see it
for themselves.

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