[peruser] Debugging in singe-user mde (was: interesting peruser problem)

Stefan Seufert stefan at seuf.de
Sat Apr 1 02:29:12 MST 2006


does debugging in single user mode work for somebody? I tried to play
around with it after I read Severn's email. I always assumed that
peruser doesn't support this at but now I found a few places in the code
where the single user mode is handled.

For me apache doesn't startup at all, it always get's stuck at some
point. Following the comments in the source code, my guess is that the
master kills of its children. Because of that the multiplexer does wait
forever in this loop. I haven't investigated if the master detects the
dead child and resets the ->status. If he does we should at least test
for the DEAD status in the while loop and then continue our operation.

889         while (processor->status != CHILD_STATUS_ACTIVE)
890         {
891             _DBG("Waiting for child #%d...", processor->id);
892             sleep(1);
893         }

But that's just by accident. Depending on the exact timing the child
could be killed at some other point leading to different error messages
(like the backtrace Severn reported?)


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