[peruser] peruser 0.1.5 released

Sean Gabriel Heacock gabriel at telana.com
Thu Jun 30 13:38:21 MDT 2005

Okay, I caught a major bug this time around.  The child_clone()
function, which tries to reuse an empty slot in the CHILD_INFO_TABLE,
was incrementing NUM_CHILDS regardless of whether it reused a slot or
added a new one.  This caused peruser to stop creating new child
processes once NUM_CHILDS reached the the value specified by
ServerLimit.  I have no idea why this only seemed to affect the new
0.1.x releases and not the earlier ones.


My server has been running this version for a day now, and it seems to
be working great.  Also the 0.1.x versions are MUCH faster than the old
-rX releases, due to architectural changes and the removal of a lot of
hacks that aren't needed any more.  That code cleanup process will
continue through the 0.1.x series.

Also now that I'm not dealing with two branches of the project (the old
releases are officially deprecated now) I can devote more time to bug
reports.  If you've had problems getting peruser to work in the past,
upgrade to this latest version and see if that works any better.  Check
the sample configuration at http://www.telana.com/peruser.php which I've
made some changes to over the past few releases.  If it still doesn't
work, send me an e-mail and attach your httpd.conf.

Sean Gabriel Heacock
Telana Internet Services

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