[peruser] child processes dying

leen at wirehub.nl leen at wirehub.nl
Sun Jun 5 16:44:18 MDT 2005

Hi list,

Some time now, I've wanted to try out peruser, but never got around to it, yesterday it didn't work for me.

Earlier today I've started trying to figure out why, but I've not been able find it.

The child processes keep dying, when started, when a request is send.

So far I've found out it dies in apr_os_sock_put () called from within child_main () within the CHILD_TYPE_PROCESSOR-case (of the 0.52-peruser-0.1.2 on Linux 2.6.11, Debian Stable/Testing, gcc 2.95.4).

If someone has any suggestions, do tell me.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some time to look it over again myself.

Thank you for any help you can give me,
New things are always on the horizon.

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