[peruser] Permission denied: mod_rewrite

Sean Gabriel Heacock gabriel at telana.com
Tue Jul 12 14:15:03 MDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-07-12 at 22:08 +0200, Karsten Schmidt wrote:
> I dont have a RewriteLog directive anywhere in my config, but it seems 
> apache makes a /tmp/aprxxxxx file and if i chmod that 666 right after 
> apache starts i dont get the errors, but it doesnt seem that secure to 
> have a file 666 in /tmp :)

hahaha, guess what - I did *exactly* what you did, but I completely
forgot about it.  I build apache with a custom SRPM, so I tend to forget
about the miscellaneous small patches I add to it.  Sure enough, there's
a mod_rewrite patch I made that comments out that section of code.

There's probably a way to fix this right, probably by changing when the
lock file is created.  For now, I'll probably put this patch up on the
web page, along with any others I have laying around here...

Sean Gabriel Heacock
Telana Internet Services

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