[peruser] Permission denied: mod_rewrite

Karsten Schmidt gugge at guggemand.dk
Tue Jul 12 14:08:01 MDT 2005

Sean Gabriel Heacock wrote:
>>it seems RewriteLogLevel 0 isnt enough
>>i commented out the following in mod_rewrite.c, and mod_rewrite still 
>>seems to work
> I think the trick is to comment out the "RewriteLog" directive from your
> configs.  If you specify a rewrite log at all, it tries to create the
> lock, even with a log level of 0 :P  Anyway that should be a better
> solution than commenting out the code :)
> It sure is a pain trying to debug mod_rewrite problems without the log
> though... you might try figuring out where it's trying to write the lock
> file and making sure the user can write to it...

I dont have a RewriteLog directive anywhere in my config, but it seems 
apache makes a /tmp/aprxxxxx file and if i chmod that 666 right after 
apache starts i dont get the errors, but it doesnt seem that secure to 
have a file 666 in /tmp :)

Karsten Schmidt

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