[peruser] publishing users home directory with 700 acces

Alvaro Torres F. alvarotorres at gmail.com
Mon Jul 4 19:26:43 MDT 2005

Hello I don´t know if this is the right plase to ask this question.
I´ve a server with 50 users and I want to protect the home directory of 
every user chmoding to 700 everyone, then nobody can acces to a home 
directory of another user.
The Document Root in apache is set to /home, making the URL 
But when I open the URL in the browser I´ve get a nice Forbidden page, tell 
me ¨you don´t have permision to acces /user/¨
How can make the users can publish their own page without modify the 700 
I can´t make a chroot because the users use many aplications of the server.
May be making apache to run like the owner to the home directory, but I 
don´t know how do that.
Thanks a lot.

Atte. Alvaro Torres F.
USER_LOCAL = Universidad Arturo Prat - Chile
USER_PATH = / Departamento de Ingeniería / Ingeniería Civil en Computación e 
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