[peruser] New potential user of peruser : some questions

Pascal - Carat-Hosting.com pascal at carat-hosting.com
Sun Jul 3 04:31:15 MDT 2005

Thanks for your quick answer.

I have an other questoin about the configuration.
In the VirtualHost section there is :
 # this must match a Processor"
      ServerEnvironment user group /home/user

Does that mean that in the main httpd configuration I must have a processor
per user/group (so per domain)

Something like
Processor user1 group1 /home/user1
Processor user2 group2 /home/user2
Processor user3 group3 /home/user3

Then in the VirtualHost section (per domain)
<VirtualHost domain1.com>
    ServerName domain1.com
    <IfModule peruser.c>
      # this must match a Processor
      ServerEnvironment user1 group1 /home/user1
<VirtualHost domain2.com>
    ServerName domain2.com
    <IfModule peruser.c>
      # this must match a Processor
      ServerEnvironment user2 group2 /home/user2

Etc ....

I also use SuexecUserGroup user group in my VirtualHost for CGI pgms. Any
impact with peruser ?

I promise, I stop asking a lot of things, I'll test it on a test server with
httpd 2.0.52
Just want to be sure for the processor case


> All my box use httpd 2.0.54 and not 2.0.52, is it very difficult to 
> change the patch to apply it on a 2.0.54 ?
> I think it is possible as it is only a minor release, but as I don't 
> know exactly what does the peruser patch I ask you before

I think there is a change in 53 or 54 that breaks something.  Upgrading to
the latest version of apache and making sure peruser is next on my todo

> Did someone test it and/or use it in a production environment ? 
> On some boxes I have more than 100 vhost. 
> Did you see some performance impact ?

I run it on my production server, with about 100 domains.  My setup is
extremely dependent on the features provided by peruser, so I can't compare
it directly to a vanilla apache setup.  But I don't think there's any
noticeable performance impact, at least with the current version.

However, I don't recommend running it on a production system yourself, at
least without *significant* testing first.  The peruser mpm comes with
absolutely no warranty!

> Does the release of Peruser is in stable state ?

No, I'd call it alpha right now :)

> I know that I should test it and see by myself, it's true that do a 
> compilation of httpd is not so difficult, it just takes time.
> But I'd like to have the opinion of existing user of peruser. 

It works for me, but I wrote it :)  The main problem seems to be in getting
your httpd.conf exactly right.  Hopefully as long as you go off of the
example configuration on the web page, it should work okay.

Sean Gabriel Heacock
Telana Internet Services

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