[peruser] New potential user of peruser : some questions

Pascal - Carat-Hosting.com pascal at carat-hosting.com
Sun Jul 3 04:08:44 MDT 2005

I look for a while for something like peruser. So happy to find it :)
But I have few questions before give it a try.
All my box use httpd 2.0.54 and not 2.0.52, is it very difficult to change
the patch to apply it on a 2.0.54 ? 
I think it is possible as it is only a minor release, but as I don't know
exactly what does the peruser patch I ask you before
Did someone test it and/or use it in a production environment ? 
On some boxes I have more than 100 vhost. 
Did you see some performance impact ?
Does the release of Peruser is in stable state ?
I know that I should test it and see by myself, it's true that do a
compilation of httpd is not so difficult, it just takes time. 
But I'd like to have the opinion of existing user of peruser. 
Thanks a ton for your help/advises
(hope my english is not too bad :-p )
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